Structure of the Journal’s Issues

Every issue contains a thematic section, non-thematic articles and regular sections.

  • The thematic section deals with a central question in the educational sciences. It includes Swiss and international contributions that represent the newest research concerning the topic. It can be expanded through discussions or replies to individual contributions.  Other academic contributions to topics relevant both in Switzerland and internationally round off every issue.
  • The section Research Overview contains critical considerations of the newest research in important areas of the educational sciences.
  • Discussion is open to readers for the purpose of debating current topics in the educational sciences.
  • Under Reviews the journal presents new publications. This section enables readers to gain an overview of current thinking.

Submitting Articles and Suggestions for Thematic Issues

Articles and suggestions for thematic issues can be submitted to the editorial board by Swiss and Foreign specialists in particular subject areas. They must conform to the guidelines for writing articles and the template for developing plans for thematic issues. All articles that match the defined profile and the editorial norms of the journal will be submitted to two external experts for a double-blind peer-review.